Get EagleEyes With Tenda’s Outdoor CPE!

The need for internet and connectivity is reaching to the farthest corners of planet earth; advances in Internet access for smartphones, tablets and other devices is no longer a luxury which caters to business patrons but has become necessity for all of us. With the rise in all these factors, connectivity becomes a crucial requirement. However, when it comes to places more remote places where cable installations are not possible, here comes outdoor CPE. -which is a true hero in such situations, where Point to Point connection becomes the true saviour.

In the current era, security is one of the main concerns of any institution or public body. Even though safety is something that cannot be - compromised, some organizations are helpless because of budgetary constraints. What's needed is a knowledge of cost-effective deployment of reliable outdoor CPEs for public or private sector surveillance solutions used in crime prevention and operational monitoring. Institutions or government entities deploy IP surveillance cameras in places with high traffic, e.g. playgrounds, high streets, etc., with each camera sending video data to a wireless client device (CPE). The client device then forwards the video data over a wireless link to a base station located in a nearby building. Lastly, the base station transfers the collected data to a switch, which re-routes it to an Network Video Recorder (NVR) for storage and surveillance monitors for instant reviews (e.g. in case of accidents).

Due to the harsh conditions of the outdoor environment such as fluctuating temperatures and constant exposure to moisture and dust, strong and reliable access points are needed. The Tenda Outdoor CPE range of devices are specifically designed to withstand the rigours of harsh environments and carry an IP rating which certifies the level of protection the access points has against solids and liquids. A wired connection may also not be reliable and which is also relatively more expensive to set-up.

Tenda understands the problem and have come up with an amazing range of devices which solve pretty much every difficulty you may or might have faced.

Equipped with 2.4 Ghz, 8dBi and 12dBi directional antennas, Tenda's O1 and O3 outdoor CPE devices are compact, making deployment easy and flexible. Both are designed with directional antennas which provide an optimized transmission quality. It picks up and maintains a stable signal for wireless network connections, ranging from 500 meters to 5 Kilometres. They are adapted from auto-bridging technology in which two CPEs can connect to each other automatically to make for easy setup. They are quipped with IP64 and IP65 rated waterproof enclosures and a high-quality hardware design which enables them to work in various harsh weather conditions such as bright sunshine, extreme rainfall and freezing temperatures. They feature multiple application scenarios where one access point works in AP Mode and another works in Station Mode to create a long distance wireless connection for video surveillance and data transmission. They also come with centralized management software that helps users manage all the devices in their network from a single remote computer.

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