Why should you Change Old Router?

If you're reading this it means you're online it also probably means that you're using a wireless router that you've had a few years TO


802.11B and 802.11N operate on 2.4GHz frequency which have heavy electric magnetic interference because aside from your router your cordless phone, Bluetooth devices, car alarm, radio signal, even your microwave use this bandwidth making 2.4GHz extremely crowded these signal interferences delayed data transmission, a new advance router uses 5GHz bandwidth that is the newer protocol for wireless devices enhance less significant interference.


Your old router only has one antenna matrix, one antenna to receive the signal and same antenna to transmit. So when multiple devices trying to connect the router you experience poor signal strength added to this old router disburse Wi-Fi signal evenly throughout the range regardless whether requesting devices.

New routers use multiple IN and multiple OUT or MU-MIMO technology. They come in three by three or even more antenna for better transmission for multiple devices, they also come with software locate the devices and direct signal toward them.


Many of us think that a router is just spreading internet signals that was true but with the old router, the new router there are many other available features that were not available before.

a.Offline Downloading

You can turn your PC off and leave the house, and still have your router downloading your most recent updates, and movies or games.

b.USB Port

The new router has the USB port enable feature to turn your ordinary flash drive or hard drive into a network attached storage (NAS)

c.Streaming Videos

You can stream your download from your router directly to your smart TV, without having to go to the hassle of setting up your multimedia player.

d.Control your router through Mobile APP

Now new router can be managed from your smartphone, you have the freedom to check your Wi-Fi from anywhere. The mobile application provides you complete access and control such as Devices list, Guest access, Device prioritization, Parental controls, Port forwarding etc.

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