The Tenda AC6 – The Name in Router Reliability

If you are using the internet through a Wi-Fi router in your house, it's likely that you just went with the free router that the ISP provider gave you. It may have seemed convenient at that time, since you didn't need to set up anything as it saved both time and money. And that's when the the problems started: - the network is slow, or doesn't reach most parts of your house - and there's not much you can do about it.

Most people avoid buying a router themselves because of the complication of the specifications and the effort it takes to understand that which one of them is the better Wi-Fi router. Often the information available about the routers doesn't provide you the details in simple language that would help you make the decision. So you end up taking the path of least resistance and keep using the ISP's router. That may work for some, but for most people it is advisable to invest in a better router, so you can get your home network performing according to your needs. This way, you can make sure that the router is fast enough for your usage, and has enough range to cover your entire house.

Tenda AC6 could be exactly what you need. It is designed in such a way, that all your future Wi-Fi connectivity problems never come to the fore.

Smart Dual Band

In addition to supporting the 2.4GHz, the AC6 dual-band router supports the 5GHz frequency band, operating on the newer 802.11ac standard. That means, it supports an overall speed of up to 1167 Mbps and it comes with modern hardware which offers more range and stability than singe-band routers. So when it comes to simultaneous use of internet, whether it is replying to your important office emails, your spouse's Netflix show, your kid's play station and your guest's addiction to online games, the AC6 becomes the backbone of your home internet.

Four 5dBi HG antennas

Antennas play a crucial role in a router. Routers must have the capability to emit strong signals throughout the entire desired area. The AC6 has four fixed 5dBi antennas that strengthen your overall wireless coverage.


The AC6 comes with advanced beamforming technology where the router transmits its Wi-Fi signal in specific "beams", intelligently allowing the router to focus the signal to where it is needed to increase its strength. In other words, the AC6 turns a lantern into a flashlight.

Smart Wi-Fi Schedule

Many of us often forget to turn off the router at night before bedtime. The AC6 has a "Smart Wi-Fi Schedule" function, which automatically turns off the Wi-Fi to reduce power consumption, bringing smart internet connectivity to your family. This smart management of the Wi-Fi schedule, LED indicators and power saving helps everyone live a healthy E-life.

Easy Setup

The Tenda router also makes sure you don't want to fiddle with all the settings and configuration while setting up your new AC6. The super simple setup interface from Tenda gives you access to the Internet effortlessly in just 30 seconds.

While the free router you get from your ISP is a good way to get connected quickly, if you're facing any problems then you should consider investing in a good router yourself. If you want to expand the range of your network or wish to have a completely new experience of the Internet from better range to smooth sharing of files, from streaming videos to online games, the AC6 is the right choice for you.

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