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Home Wi-Fi networks have evolved over the years, and they have evolved because the technologies got better and demands for those networks have skyrocketed. Our need for network connectivity is insatiable, we're talking about security systems, we're talking about cameras, laptops, phones, and many such devices which connect to your home network and hence it has become very important to have a better home network.. Everyone needs a Wi-Fi that's reliable, fast and which covers the entire house. So the question is, how can you make that happen?

There are two different ways to achieve a strong a Wi-Fi signal. The first way and maybe like what you have in your home is with the traditional router.

Traditional router is a single access point located somewhere at the centre of your home trying to serve all those devices and client. These are available with multiple antenna, multiplefeatures , good frequencyetc.. But they all come with a a limitation and that is the FCC controls. Even though having multiple antennas on your router you're going to struggle to get the best of Wi-Fi signal coverage throughout your home. And that's where mesh network comes in.

The new mesh solution replaces the old single access point feature which you have in your house and envelops your whole house with a strong Wi-Fi signal.

Mesh Wi-Fi system connects to the main ISP and talks to the satellites and broadcast whatever the main controller instructs. So if you're on a device and you move through your home, you automatically connect to the nearby Mesh Wi-Fi unit and you don't have to reconnect to a different SSID which is the ID of your Wi-Fi network. Tt portrays as one flat network to your devices. It's very reliable and blankets the whole house with strong Wi-Fi signal and that's just one of the reasons why mesh network is awesome.

Mesh Wi-Fi solutions right now are expensive. You'll probably be able to get a good router and repeater for less than a mesh system. But Tenda, one of the leading brand in routers and switches recently launched the Nova MW3 which is the most economical Mesh Wi-Fi system.

Nova MW3 is a 1200 Mbps dual band distribution mesh Wi-Fi system designed for 1,100 - 3,200 square foot households, bringing you whole home Wi-Fi coverage, as well as fast and stable Internet access. A pack of 3 provides you with up to 3,200 square feet of Wi-Fi coverage, while a pack of 2 provides you with up to 2,200 square feet of coverage. Compliant with IEEE 802.11v and IEEE 802.11r seamless roaming protocols, nova MW3 supports automatic network optimization and automatic routing selection, allowing you to enjoy a more stable and flexible wireless network.

With Tenda Mesh Technology, the MW3 creates a distributed Wi-Fi network that covers up to 3200 square feet, eliminating dead zones in your home

With MU-MIMO technology, nova MW3 supports more Wi-Fi enabled devices and the smart QoS intelligently allocates bandwidth to ensure smooth streaming, gaming, downloading, and uninterrupted video chat at the same time.

Nova MW3 offers data rates up to 1200 Mbps and prioritizes 5 GHz network access, allowing you to enjoy lag-free 4K HD videos.

Pre-paired from factory setting makes setup of MW3 a breeze, letting you go from the burden of cabling connections.

The easy-to-use Tenda WiFi app allows you to block unauthorized users with a single tap. It also supports Parental Control to help your kids surf internet safely, and Guest Networks to protect your personal privacy.

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