Too Many Devices Vs. Nova Mesh Router … Game on!!!

What walks on two feet and is not connected to the internet? - A Caveman. Welcome to the Wireless Age! Not the Marconi genius invention from your great grandfathers’ era, we are now talking about just everything under the sun that keeps us connected. What’s not eating wireless bandwidth nowadays? You might start to think about your refrigerator or a stereo, but truth is looking around at what you have already, watches, key-chains, baby video monitors, high-end projectors, not to mention even the thermometers and thermostats all these are going wireless. It’s not just about computers anymore. Your entire world is going wireless so its time your connectivity evolved. Time to invest in a good mesh network if you are determined not to get left in the slow lane. So here’s something for you – Nova mesh from Tenda and its superior technology.

All this ‘Smart stuff’ that's crept into your life means that on a single WiFi network, the performance of a shared Internet connection will degrade as your data-hungry devices try to access the internet simultaneously. The big issue is how you can have all this cool technology and still be able to enjoy lag-free access which feels like it’s dedicated to serve only to one user…YOU!

Here is the techie bit, stick with us for a moment…Multiple User Multiple-input and multiple-output (MU-MIMO), first seen on 802.11n devices, takes advantage of a radio technology enhancement known as multipath propagation. What is great about MU-MIMO is that it increases the range and speed of Wi-Fi. Nova mesh routers are specifically designed to cover whooping 3000 sqft to 6000 sq ft. One size does not fit all, so we have a range of devices to provide the cover you need. The primary node features gigabit ports, getting the most out of your 100 Mbps or hyperfast broadband service and ensuring smooth playback of 4K videos. And the wall-plug secondary node connects to your existing Mesh network automatically with pre-paired configuration, making setup a breeze. Smash through your walls with MU-MIMO which allows a radio signal to take slightly different pathways between the router and connected device, including bouncing off intervening objects such as floors and ceilings which brings us to another great feature of Nova mesh routers - Beamforming.

Beamforming was originally implemented in 802.11n, but was not standardized between routers and clients; it essentially did not work between different manufacturers' products. This was refined with the 802.11ac standard, and now beamforming works across different manufacturers' gear. What beamforming does is, rather than have the router transmit its Wi-Fi signal in all directions; it allows the router to focus the signal to where it is needed to increase its strength. Using light as an analogy, beamforming takes the camping lantern and turns it into a flashlight that focuses its beam. Nova MW5s is powered by such beamforming technology which projects a stronger Wi-Fi signal in a direction where your devices are located. Instead of just broadcasting signals to a wide area, Tenda's Beamforming concentrates the signal and aims it directly at the target. It follows you and your device in a helpful way.

Stop fretting about having an underperforming Wi-Fi and make the most of that high-band internet connection you have invested in. The worries of multiple users connected to one Wi-Fi will be consigned to the past. Tenda’s nova mesh series routers are engineered to give you best Wi-Fi signal by addressing all real-life possibilities which might have previously made you lose your temper blaming your internet connection in the past. Ranging from 100Mbps to 1200Mbps dual-band wireless connectivity plus a gigabit port with each unit to compliment the wired Ethernet connection, the combination of wall penetration with Beamforming and MU-MIMO technology makes nova mesh routers a superior product in the race of mesh networks.

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