Best Mesh Router for Wall Penetration

Here is a short science lesson on how WiFi signals work and why it is important to use the best equipment to get the most from your internet bandwidth in every room. Signals have different frequencies and that makes them have a different wavelengths, which is further explained as the distance between two successive crests in a wavelength.

In the above image, the largest wave in size, or the wavelength, are radio waves displayed at the very left and the electromagnetic waves get smaller as we go to the right. The frequency of Wi-Fi revolves between "Microwave" and "Visible" light with the frequency of 2.4GHz up to 5GHz. The radio waves which are the biggest can easily pass straight through walls without affecting the quality of the signal because the waves are so large that the wall is almost invisible. A good analogy is that when an ant is standing beside an elephant, the elephant has no idea the ant is next to them.

Let's take a simple example, suppose it's raining and I want to get inside the house, so I run as quickly as possible cutting through the raindrops. Here, rain is the barrier and I am the large wave. I am easily able to run through the rain due to my size compared to the raindrops. Now imagine a fly instead of me. The fly definitely will have a hard time avoiding the rain to enter the house due it's size compared to the raindrops. The Wi-Fi waves are large but not as large as the radio waves so they can pass through the wall but not completely, which explains why Wi-Fi waves get weakened when you are in a different room.

Nova MW5 has been specifically designed in order to have a powerful wall penetration capacity which not only covers a whopping 3500 square feet of the area but allows you to get most of the high-speed broadband services by providing a Gigabit port of 1000 Mbps. A pack of three mesh nodes of nova MW5 covers up to 3500 square feet whereas a pack of six mesh nodes covers 6000 square feet of area.

You can save money by not running network wiring all over your house, spending less on internet connections, sharing peripherals such as printers and scanners, and using your PC to drive other applications around your home, like your home entertainment centre. Which means that more applications on devices around your house are going to try to use your wireless backbone to connect themselves and to the internet. WiFi is an amazing technology which is here to stay and is critical for any future-proofed home. We want to show you how to get the best out of it.

Which brings us to another great feature of nova MW5. The nodes of nova MW5 are designed as plug-and-play which allows you to simply plug in any electrical socket. Since the secondary nodes come with pre-paired configuration, it makes set up easy to expand your existing Wi-Fi network. Just imagine the ease of working online or enjoying your favourite movies wherever in your house just by plug-and-play node regardless whether you are on the upper floor or in the basement.

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