Key Benefits of Mesh Network

Wireless mesh is a new way to extend wireless coverage at home by creating a wireless back channel where multiple Wi-Fi router can be linked to create a single large wireless network, there are six main advantages over the existing Wi-Fi router.

• Coverage

Mesh Technology, creates a distributed Wi-Fi network and cover large area, multi-story house etc., and Tenda Nova series cover upto 6000 sq.ft along with which also eliminates all dead zones. There's no hiding place for dead spots so you will enjoy a blazing fast and consistent Wi-Fi experience wherever you go.

•One Network Name:

You have a single SSID or network name, so no more reconnecting to different network when the primarily becomes too weak.

•Seamless Hand-off

The mesh nodes communicate with each other and seamlessly hand-off the connected device to the nods that provide the best service.

•Completely Wireless:

No wires needed, the mesh is created for the sole purpose so that it can be used wirelessly and the mesh nodes only need power, unlike a repeater.

•Plug and Play

Plug and play an easy way to whole-home networking. It comes with pre-paired to each other, just plug in the cables and leave everything else to Nova.

•Adaptable and expandable

A mesh network can be as big or small as per your wish. Because each node is just a single module in the overall network. You can always add or take them away as and when it suits you. There's minimal setup involved in adding a new node, too.

•Easy Setup with family-friendly features

Mesh network can be managed from your smartphone. You have the freedom to check your Wi-Fi from anywhere. The mobile application provides you complete access and control such as Devices list, Guest access, Device prioritization, Parental controls, Port forwarding etc.

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