Home Mesh Wi-Fi Router Explained

You only have one Wi-Fi router in your home and the Wi-Fi signal doesn’t reach all areas of your home. When you sit on your couch, does the Wi-Fi signal on your laptop cuts out? Or when you’re in the bathroom, does your phone refuses to connect? If you need Wi-Fi coverage in every corner of your house, Nova MW5s Mesh Wi-Fi system can be solution to your problems, but what is a Mesh Wi-Fi Router anyway?

What is Mesh Network?

Mesh networking Technology introduced long time ago, it was originally developed for military applications but now commonly use in malls, hospitals, and for enterprises applications. Mesh WI-Fi, or a wireless mesh network is a communications network made up of radio nodes organized in a mesh topology. Devices interconnect with each other using these radio nodes to send and receive data. Tenda introduce this technology to your home covering all dead zones, floors, basements, garages, and even backyards with the unchanged Wi-Fi signal.

When you connect to Tenda Nova MW5s Mesh router, your devices will automatically connect to the strongest signals. As you change your location, your devices could hop off one router and onto stronger signal router. This hopping on and off happens quite fast and should seem steady to you. It is just like you are on call while driving and as you move away from the range of service provider tower, the next strongest one take over the call without disconnecting the call.

Configuration of Mesh Wi-Fi router

First you need to plug in one of the unit to power it up and use the included Ethernet cable, similar to how you setup any other Wi-Fi router. The units have a LED indicator with a light that ranges from few different colours to indicate whether the network is up and running, trying to connect or has an issue. The rest of the setup process takes place on the Tenda Wi-Fi app which is available on iOS and android. When the app asks you for the information, you can use the default SSID and password which is mentioned underneath the unit. Once the nova MW5s establishes a connection you can then make the necessary changes to the network name and password. After the first unit is successfully connected, the app will walk you through in how to add a second & third unit and also how to create a guest access.

Expansion of Mesh Wi-Fi Router.

Tenda Nova MW5s Mesh Wi-Fi systems also lets you expand as you need to grow. You can easily add more access points and expand your Wi-Fi coverage further and further.

Nova MW5s is an ideal mesh Wi-Fi router, if you live in a house between 2,000 and 3,600 square feet of space , being built out of old bricks with plastered walls or any other such material that blocks Wi-Fi signals. Thanks to MRC technology which improves Wi-Fi transmission, increases wall penetration and distributes much broader Wi-Fi signal.

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