Upgrade your office with mesh wi-fi system

I don't need to tell you why you need the best internet connection for your office space. Of course, you started your own thing trying to "put a dent in the universe" and obviously you won't be able to achieve that with tortoise speed internet with a frequently interrupted signal throughout the office. Not to mention the panic attacks just after seeing the yellow triangle icon on your Wi-Fi notification. Many of you may have protested that even after investing, in what seems the latest and greatest tech, that you aren't satisfied with the performance of your Wi-Fi router. You may have found that your Wi-Fi router struggles to send enough signal to cover your entire space with optimum Wi-Fi signal strength. Well here is the thing, ever heard about Wi-Fi congestion? You may have spent a lot on the best internet speed, then you shouldn't ignore the most important aspect of the Wi-Fi connection. Coverage!

As you move further away from the router the signal between it and your device degrades. Obstacles such as walls, furniture, dead zones, interference from other device that uses the same signal on the same frequency band also affects overall internet user experience. A powerful Wi-Fi router may promise a better speed but may not deliver on the coverage. A new kind of Wi-Fi equipment is much better at covering the entire office space. This next generation of Wi-Fi routers isn't just about being powerful and bigger routers rather it's about deploying a fleet of smaller ones. The new nova MW6 mesh Wi-Fi is not your typical wireless router. It is a sleek easy to use, a device that's designed to be the simplest and future-proof way of covering your space with Wi-Fi connectivity. The idea is to create access points at multiple locations which link with each other forming a mesh Wi-Fi network that spreads internet around your office space. Sound good?

Mesh networks are different from traditional Wi-Fi extenders as they create a single network that automatically connects you to the strongest access point as you wander around your space. Talking about access points, one of the main features of the nova MW6 is the expandable mesh network which lets you have multiple Wi-Fi points that work seamlessly together to fill up an area up to 6000 sq.ft with no dead zones.

Nova MW6 is effortless to set up and they are designed in a way which even looks brilliant as an office décor. To setup, a Wi-Fi connection all you need to do is to follow the instructions on your connected smartphone and you are good to go. Nova MW6 takes care of everything for you by not just providing with great hardware but amazing software as well, especially with the Tenda Wi-Fi app. It allows you to see the devices connected on your network so that you can monitor which device is downloading and uploading how much data on your network. Also when you have clients coming over to your office, you can simply enable guest network by setting different access options for them thus ensuring the security and privacy of your main network.

Nova MW6 prioritizes 5G Frequency band as the backhaul, a dedicated way to communicate between the mesh nodes, thus providing a high speed to every node connected. Moreover, it also supports overlapping 2.4GHz and 5GHz band simultaneously to further maximize the throughput of backhaul, therefore, you won't lose any bandwidth to your devices even the broadband above 200Mbps. It also prioritizes 5G access to clients for a higher internet access speed. Being grateful to the mesh networks and how they function, you get the full benefits of MU-MIMO and Beamforming on all your access points.

Conclusion: Nova MW6 is one of the best devices you can get right now because of the automatic updates, the simplicity of setup and managing the free app, the sophisticated design and superfast expandable mesh network for better Wi-Fi connectivity. Moreover, if you wish to have uninterrupted, lag-free video conference calls and want to stay cutting edge in technological trend, nothing can be better than nova MW6.

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