Give your home the network it deserves!

What may be the disadvantage of living in an apartment that contains more than 2 bedrooms or a Multi-storey villa? Yes, Wi-Fi connectivity! You spend most of the time in the same room where your Wi-Fi router is been plugged. Does that mean you cannot enjoy most of your internet in balcony, kitchen or bathroom? What about the time when you want to enjoy the fresh news sitting on throne in your bathroom, but the page doesn’t load up.

And this is the question you ask yourself every time you face unstable connection – I have a great internet plan, why is the signal so low?

It’s time to change your router, because that is how you can make the most of your network.

It’s the age of digital and it isn’t worth if not connected well. Let’s make your connection with the world better.


Well the most common flaw we indulge in is to buy a super expensive internet plan and don’t invest much in the hardware to support it.Just like mobile signals, Wi-Fi devices also have coverage constrains. Especially in houses as big as 300 sqmt, wherein the stream trickles bouncing around walls, floors and other obstructions creating dead spots or notable signal loss.

Your connectivity problems are about to solve with this amazing innovation. Let’s see how’s that possible.

nova MW3

Comes in tiny units but it can be spread adapting to your space with the ability of covering 300 sq mt. 

These new-edge routers are not only smart, look beautiful, and enrich your space but also come at a super inexpensive price. Built with MU-MIMO technology, Nova smartly handles multiple devices and this is where it gets really interesting.The smart QoS intelligently allocates bandwidth to ensure smooth streaming,gaming, downloading and uninterrupted video chat at the same time, making sure every device get what it deserves.

“But I like to walk & talk, make video calls from balcony to kitchen but the signal breaks between different traditional routers.”

No doubt MW3 is smart enough and it has got this covered for you.

With only one single SSID and password, MW3 automatically performs handover without interrupting services to ensure that the devices are always connected to the Wi-Fi network. Over 1200Mbps of dual band distribution mesh Wi-Fi system designed for 100-300 sqmt houses,gives you whole home Wi-Fi coverage, as well as fast and stable internet connection. A pack of 3 provides you with up to 300 sqmt Wi-Fi range while pack of 2 provides up to 200 sqmt Wi-Fi range. Complete with IEEE 802.11v and IEEE 802.11r seamless roaming protocols, MW3 supports automatic network optimization and automatic routing selection, allowing you to enjoy more stable and flexible wireless network.

“I ain’t  tech expert, how shall I install?” We have got you covered here too!

The delivery box contains everything you need to properly setup your mesh Wi-Fi network. Inside the box you get these cube shaped nova Wi-Fi units (which looks pretty cool) along with AC plugs to power them up and one extra Ethernet cable. Each unit is super light-weight cube which measures just under 4 inches all the way around and hence don’t take much space wherever you end up placing these units. Each unit has WAN & LAN ports and AC power input. Since everything you need comes inside the box, setting up nova MW3 is incredibly easy and the setup process is just a few steps. First you need to plug in one of the unit to power it up and use the included Ethernet cable, similar to how you setup any other Wi-Fi router. The units have a LED indicator with a light that ranges from few different colours to indicate whether the network is up and running, trying to connect or has an issue. The rest of the setup process takes place on the Tenda Wi-Fi app which is available on iOS and android. When the app asks you for the information, you can use the default SSID and password which is mentioned underneath the unit. Once the nova MW3 establishes a connection you can then make the necessary changes to the network name and password. After the first unit is successfully connected, the app will walk you through in how to add a second & third unit and create the mesh network.

“My personal privacy is really important to me!”

Tenda WiFi App keeps your Wi-Fi under control.

Now-a-days it’s not at all strange when you ask your guests visiting at your home for beverages and in response they ask you for your Wi-Fi password.  Now you don’t have to hesitate in sharing password because with Tenda Wi-Fi app you can enable guest network by setting a different access options thus ensuring the security and privacy of your main network.

The online world doesn’t distinguish between children and adults and thus the free flow of information. Kids & teenagers are prone to participate in lot of internet activities which aren’t suitable for them. The Parental Control feature on Tenda Wi-Fi app monitors your kids online activity and keeps them away from unsafe and inappropriate sites.

“Think about it Lag-Free 4k video,Zero-Buffering video calls.”

Gigabit speed prepared for smooth 4K videos.

Are you one of those who have settled for low quality streaming of your favourite movies and TV shows just because your Wi-Fi router doesn’t have the bandwidth to stream 4k without lag? Well now you don’t have to. Being having the MU-MIMO technology, Nova MW3 offers a data rate up to 1200Mbps and prioritizes 5 GHz network access, allowing you to enjoy lag-free 4K HD videos to enjoy with your family.

Overall, if you are looking for an inexpensive, reliable and robust way to extend and improve your Wi-Fi signal in your house, you should definitely buy nova MW3 mesh Wi-Fi system.

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