MW3 Next-gen Router for Next-gen Home Wi-Fi Coverage

Imagine after hitting all the hardships and going through all the sufferings, you finally bought a house you desire as big as 300 square meters, it took you nearly 3 months to spruce it up and later waited for couple of odd days for the new paint and house odor to fade away only to find out that when you are at far-stretch of your fully settled house, Wi- Fi notification on your phone says “Signal Strength – POOR”.

How annoying it would be when you are learning to cook your favorite dish from YouTube or when you want to perform a karaoke in your bathroom listening to your favorite tracks online and the Wi-Fi signal lacks connectivity. 

Well, you definitely did not make a mistake buying your dream house!

Generally, you have three solutions to solve these Wi-Fi problems,

Solution 1: Ordinary Router + Extender

This solution is inexpensive but the shortcomings are also apparent. The range extenders create another network aside from the router, so you cannot connect to any devices that are connected to the 'router' network such as a wireless printer. 

Solution 2: Using more than two routers to bridge one another 

The complex setting is difficult for most users. Whereas the signal attenuation is a huge problem besides that, the signal will never be steady.

Solution 3: PLC

Wi-Fi signal is transmitted through a wire. Trust me, you don’t want get involved in that complex process.  

All the solutions above have obvious defaults. A team at Tenda has looked into this situation and determined to decipher, they have launched MW3 - Mesh whole home Wi-Fi system.  

The MW3 has been specifically designed to insure the “POOR Wi-Fi Strength’ aspect of a router which are as follows:-

1. Distributed WiFi network that covers up to 300㎡

2. Self-organized network, wiring free


3. Gigabit speed for smooth 4K videos


4. Uninterrupted video chat while moving across your home


5. Management with Tenda WiFi App

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