China Mobile Ranks Tenda AC15 Top Router in Terminal Quality Report 2017

Recently, China Mobile released its official China Mobile Terminal White Paper and Terminal Quality Report where it provided results of tests on 29 home routers within three price ranges and from eight brands in the home router test section. Tenda AC15 remarkably topped the RMB200+ range.

The rankings were figured out based on comparison in forwarding performance, throughput under ideal conditions, anti-interference performance, wall-penetrating and coverage performance, cooling performance, and stability, representing a trustworthy router quality reference.

According to the Report, Tenda AC15 delivered an amazing performance in wall penetration, especially over the 5GHz band. Wall-penetrating performance highly results from the chip and antennas of a router. Tenda AC15 is powered by a Broadcom dual-core CPU and DDR3 memory, making it 30% faster than its counterparts in data processing and 4 times as quick as ordinary routers. Boosted by three external omnidirectional antennas, an internal independent signal amplifier, and the Beamforming+ technology, it penetrates walls robustly to reach every WiFi dead zone.

Serving as a hub that connects home appliances to the internet, router is unparalleled in home networking. With thrilling signal strength, wall penetration performance, and cost-effectiveness, AC15, Tenda's flagship smart 1900 Mbps WiFi router made with craftsmanship, has been winning favorable word of mouth since its debut.

Why does Tenda AC15 prevail?

1900 Mbps dual-band design for extreme transmission

Designed in accordance with the 5th generation of wireless communication protocol 802.11ac, Tenda AC15 can transmit data at 1300 Mbps over the 5 GHz band. It also leverages the latest TurboQAM technology of Broadcom to skyrocket the 2.4 GHz bandwidth from 450 Mbps to 600 Mbps, achieving a theoretical total transmission rate of as high as 1900 Mbps.

Robust 5 GHz WiFi signal to eliminate WiFi dead zones

Although 5 GHz creates a highway for home networks, it is outperformed by 2.4 GHz in wall penetration. Resolving this technical headache is a must for offering high-speed networking experience anytime anywhere at home. Tenda AC15 is equipped with 3 external omnidirectional antennas and 1 internal independent signal amplifier to quadruple the wall penetration capability of 5 GHz WiFi signals. It also leverages Broadcom's TurboQAM technology and the Beamforming+ technology to intelligently extend WiFi coverage to every dead zone and make wireless devices better connected.

Care for the home network

Tenda AC15 shows its care beyond speed and coverage. The parent control function controls internet connectivity by time and website, making sure that your kids access only proper websites at proper times. Its WiFi switch and WiFi schedule function allow you to manually or automatically turn off WiFi signals for a greener living environment.

Tenda AC15 also offers a USB 3.0 port, which is 10 times faster than its USB 2.0 predecessor, to allow you to set up a data and entertainment center at home simply by connecting a hard disk to it. Such speedy center brings every family member the joy of sharing movies, music, and photos. And you know what, you can access it even when you are away from home.

Smarter life at your fingertips

Tenda App helps you control the router for a smarter life. You can block unauthorized connections within as less as three steps. Signal strength adjustment, WiFi acceleration, and one-key optimization bring you better WiFi experience, security check keeps you updated on unauthorized connections, and cloud management allows you to control your router away from home, all for a smarter life.

The victory in China Mobile's terminal quality test results from Tenda's diligent efforts to forge performance and cost-effectiveness of products. As a world-leading network device supplier, Tenda has been dedicated to its mission of getting every smart device connected conveniently, securely, and quickly to the internet and managed intelligently anywhere for smarter lives. We will continue to make breakthroughs in bringing cutting-edge technologies and excellent product quality to networks built around the world.

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