Victory Again | Tenda AC9 Won Intelligent Networking Project of China Telecom

Recently, China Telecom, Shanghai released the bidding result for “Intelligent Networking Project & First Procurement in 2017 for External 802.11ac/n Home Dual-Band APs with GE Ports”, announcing its selection of Tenda's full-gigabit router AC9, which ranked first in the overall score, as the sole winner of the demand for 25,000 routers. AC9 was also selected by the operator in 2016.

It has been about one year since the operator's previous large-scale home user device procurement project in 2016. The Tenda AC9 routers will be distributed to home users with optical internet connections to provide fast and stable WiFi services for tens of thousands of families, helping China Telecom to transform from an ISP to a professional smart home operator and accelerate deployment of gigabit optical connections for smart homes.

In recent years, China Telecom has been making great efforts to develop its broadband services, which now offers it a national competitive edge. During the gigabit broadband launch ceremony themed “Revolutionary Internet Speed for the Ever-developing Shanghai • The City with Best Gigabit Broadband Connectivity” in 2016, the operator rolled out its ambitious gigabit broadband business plan, announcing that it would invest over RMB 1 billion to drive device deployment and capacity expansion with an aim to achieve whole city coverage within 3 years.

Router is the core device in a home network. Rapid development of the optical broadband business in China, especially the bandwidth that soars from some 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps or event 1000 Mbps, raises extremely steep requirements for routers. During the various technical test organized by China Telecom, Shanghai, Tenda AC9 defeated all its counterparts, showing excellent performance that caters to the operator's harsh requirements for routers dedicated to optical home networks. With the experience in developing the E-Link protocol for intelligent esurfing networking and years of R&D practices in the router industry, Tenda can effectively drive implementation and business development for the operator's esurfing smart home projects.

The recent years of efforts have turned Tenda into a major product supplier of the Shanghai, Guangdong, Henan, Gansu, and Jiangsu branches of China Telecom. Tenda has also signed a framework agreement with operators in provinces including Shaanxi, Shandong, Yunnan, Guizhou, Chongqing, Hebei, Guangxi, Heilongjiang, and Inner Mongolia. Tenda's other products such as PLC, WiFi range extenders, PoE switches, and in-wall APs have also entered the procurement list of China Telecom, enabling Tenda to offer a full range of products for the operator's intelligent networking projects.

AC9, Tenda's intelligent router, features China Telecom's first professional intelligent esurfing networking service product for all home users. As a home router tailored for optical broadband users, Tenda AC9 is equipped with five gigabit ports and supports the latest 802.11ac protocol for an unparalleled transmission speed and signal quality. In addition, it is powered by a high-performance Broadcom CPU, which can process data 30% faster than its counterparts and 3 times as fast as 802.11n routers, enabling it to work perfectly with optical networks to ensure amazing internet experience over any client. As we usher in the 200 Mbps, 500 Mbps, and 1000 Mbps broadband connectivity, Tenda AC9 will surely be the optimum choice of a gigabit router!

Picking Tenda AC9 as the sole optical router for its intelligent networking project in 2017 fully demonstrates China Telecom's confidence in Tenda's technical and delivery capabilities. Tenda's perpetual efforts in smart home networking has enabled it to make presence in millions of homes in lots of provinces and cities. In the current era of 100 Mbps optical broadband as well as the age of 1000 Mbps optical broadband to come, Tenda will partner China Telecom to provide more and better network services with higher stability to users for smarter lives.

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