Tenda Won the Biggest Share During the First Router Bidding of China Telecom (Guangdong) in 2017

After winning a purchase order from China Telecom (Guangdong) last year for 140,000 Wi-Fi range extenders, Tenda has recently received another big order from the operator. During the operator's fiber optic router purchase project in 2017 for intelligent esurfing networking, Tenda's AC9 outperformed all its counterparts to top the general rankings, securing an order for 50,000 units, which accounted for 50% of the total purchase quantity.

A partnership between Tenda and China Telecom (Guangdong) to enable intelligent esurfing networking

China Telecom (Guangdong) is the biggest provincial subsidiary of China Telecom. According to the Broadband China and Internet+ strategies, China Telecom (Guangdong) has kicked off its all-round fiber optic broadband upgrade. Currently, China Telecom (Guangdong) has over 10 million fiber optic broadband users, accounting for 80% of the total fiber optic broadband users. In addition, the operator keeps increasing its broadband throughput, and has deployed industry-leading gigabit networks in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Foshan.

Networking at home is gaining complexity as various smart consumer electronics become popular. Therefore, it is urgent for China Telecom to leverage its esurfing service to enable and run intelligent home networks. Tenda AC9 is the first professional service product that China Telecom offers to home users for intelligent esurfing networking. In addition to excellent performance, Tenda AC9 boasts outstanding compatibility with the next generation of fiber optic broadband networks, which is highly expected by China Telecom.

As a fiber optic router dedicated to home users, Tenda AC9 is equipped with 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports and complies with the latest 802.11ac protocol, making it the best of its kind in data rate and signal quality. In addition, it is powered by a Broadcom CPU, which enables it to process data 30% faster than its counterparts and 3 times faster than 802.11n-based routers. These allow Tenda AC9 to work perfectly with fiber optic networks to ensure fantastic internet experience on every terminal. Tenda's gigabit router AC9 will be your optimum choice in 2017 as we see deployment of 200 Mbps, 500 Mbps, and 1000 Mbps broadband networks gaining momentum.

Tenda's extraordinary technical capabilities turn it into a supplier of China Telecom

As a world-leading telecom device manufacturer, Tenda has been committed to enabling smart devices to easily, securely, and quickly connect to the internet and implementing intelligent device management for better lives. To fulfill such commitment, Tenda proactively responds to China Telecom's demand for intelligent networking products. It has joined China Telecom in E-LINK technology discussion and development and is one of the first vendors who support China Telecom's E-LINK protocol for intelligent esurfing networking. Based on this early-stage involvement as well as years of router R&D experience, Tenda has presented an outstanding market-targeting solution to China Telecom. During all-round product evaluation in 2017, Tenda AC9 defeated the other products to win 50% of the total fiber optic router purchase quantity of China Telecom (Guangdong) for intelligent esurfing networking. Since 2016, Tenda has been selected as a supplier by China Telecom (Guangdong), China Telecom (Shanghai), China Telecom (Shaanxi), China Telecom (Yunnan), and China Telecom (Henan). Tenda is one of the first vendors selected by China Telecom as router suppliers for intelligent esurfing networking. Tenda's other products such as PLC modems, Wi-Fi range extenders, PoE switches, and in-wall APs have also entered the official purchase list of China Telecom, making Tenda a full-range intelligent networking supplier of China Telecom.

China Telecom's official recommendation of Tenda AC9 opens a new field of intelligent networking with home routers. In the megabit fiber optic era and even the gigabit fiber optic era to come, the intelligent esurfing networking service will help Tenda serve more home users, and Tenda will work with China Telecom to provide more products that feature better performance and stability for intelligent lives.

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