Tenda AC15 worth you follow except Song Zhongji

The descendants of the sun is the most popular soap series in China, Capital Liu Shizhen is not only excellent in all but also a master in both playing and love. Song Zhongji is the excellent boy from young till now in real life, he was a skater before, and he was a model student in all subjects when he is school. He was sellect into famous university by excellent score and become the most popular and handsome boy in the university. When he work into entertainment business, his production is famous one by one. He also become all lady’s sunshine today. 

There is also a legend in wireless router business, it is not only art and fashion, but also with good function and no any disadvantage, it is a cynthia amont all gaming boys.The name is Tenda AC15.

It has white art fashion outlooking, with the newest 5th generation wireless communication protocol standard 802.11ac.In the 5Ghz band maximun transmission speed of 1300. AC15 build a strong Broadcom dual core CPU, equipped with DDR3 of memory, data processing capabilities faster than similar products by 30%.

By the way, in order to overcome the 5G WiFi wall penetrating technical difficulties, AC15 is equipped with 3 high gain ominidirectional antennas, three antennas are used dual band design, effectively aviod the conflict between the signal,to prevent the occurrence of dropping phenomenon, make the equipment more stable and fluid.
Of course AC15 has a lot of functions as parental control, visitors network, WiFi timer switch, multiple encryption technology available, playing gamins without any delay, with her accompanied, and finally become the "Moon" in the hearts of men.

Song Zhongji is so" too provocative" to protect the beauties, the elderly and children, is his principle. Tenda AC15 intelligent lights, can automatically shut down at night by setting, it is the patron saint of pregnant women, elderly and children.

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