All for Better Networking, All the Time With Tenda

Under the theme of “All for Better Networking”, Tenda displayed award-winning home networking solution at the prelude to the Micro Center CE Vendor Expo in Las Vegas. The two-day show is scheduled to kick off on August 12, 2015. 

Tenda, based in Shenzhen, China, said the products reflect its focus on connecting a wireless world. “As more consumers are using WiFi devices, WiFi has been a basic demand in our daily life. We are making significant improvements in user experiences through our consumer experience unit, and consumer interests will be at the heart of everything we imagine, build and deliver in 2015," sales Manager of Tenda , Jeff said.

At the same time, Jeff admits that it is important to be in constant touch with the local consumers, as it would help them stay ahead of the competition. US-based Netgear is one of its major competitors in the USA, he says. "It is hard to persuade consumers to make a switch. Marketing, quality and better prices will help customers to try and chose our products," he says.

Tenda’s participation at Micro Center CE Vendor Expo was deemed a great success as more than 100 distributors, resellers and system integrators from the USA flocked to the stand attracted by its most cost-effective home networking solution. Many signed a letter of intent with Tenda.


“During the exhibition, we held business talks with distributors/ resellers as well as SIs. We shall consequently try our best to satisfy their needs. Each year, we plan to attend the most popular exhibition in USA as well as closely cooperating with local media to publicize our products. Meanwhile, our marketing department will endeavour to promote our products in USA,” Sales Manager Jeff said. 

As a leading provider of networking solutions, Tenda strengths lies in innovation, focusing on customer’s needs, providing reliable service and the latest technology to provide competitive products globally.

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