M3-Frequently Asked Questions

Model number: M3                   Question classification: Function settings
Step 1: Physical connection;
Step 2: PC configuration;
Step 3: Group Modify on AP’s Wireless Settings;
Step 4: Group Modify on Rebooting / Alarm settings.
1.1  Connect M3 to the Switch, as the topology shows:
2.1 Right click the computer icon on the down-right corner of desktop, choose “Network and Sharing Center”.
2.2 Choose the network that connect to AC (M3).
2.3 Click “Properties”, Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”, → “Use the following IP address Configure your PC an IP address as 192.168.10.x (x belongs to 3~254). And don’t forget the subnet mask. Click “OK” to save the configuration.


3.1 Login to the UI of M3.
Open a web browser, type in the address bar, Click Enter.
Type the username: admin, and password: admin.
3.2 Discover Aps.
Click “Discover AP” → “Discover AP”, then you can see the Aps that discovered by AC.
3.3.1 Group Modify on AP’s Wireless Settings (SSID Setting/ Radio Setting/ Vlan Setting).
Choose “Modify Policy”, → “Add”, → Configure the settings in accordance with your demand.

3.3.2 Group Modify on Wireless Settings.
Choose “Manage AP”, → choose the Aps that you want to manager → ”SSID Setting”, choose the Policy that you added before, Click Save.
4.1 Rebooting settings

Choose “Manage AP”, → “Maintain Policy”, Add Maintain Policy Configure the policy as you want, Click OK to save it.

4.2 Alarm Setting
Choose “Manage AP”, → “Maintain Policy”, Add Alarm Policy Configure the policy as you want, Click OK to save it.


As the above pictures show, you have added policy successfully, but it isn’t being used.

Go to “Manage AP”, Choose the Aps that you want to manage Maintain Setting Choose the policy you set up before. Click Save to apply it.

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