How to setup WDS bridge mode for FH303

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This document applies to F303, FH303, FH304, FH305 and N301.  

Key points:

1.Both routers should support WDS function;

2.The LAN IP addresses of the two routers should be two different IP within thesame IP segment (, for example, R1:, R2:;

3.The DHCP Server of R1 should be enabled, while the R2’s DHCP Server should bedisabled;

4.The wireless settings of both routers should be exactly the same, includingSSID, channel, security mode, algorithms and password.


The Topology is asbelow:

Steps are asfollowing:

For example:

R1’s LAN IP:

R1’s SSID:Tenda_999

R1’s channel:channel 11

R1’s security mode:WPA-PSK

R1’s security key:12345678


1. Connect PC1 toR1 by a cable, open browser of PC1. Input in address bar and pressenter.192167.jpg

2. Input loginpassword as admin, click OK to login, then click Advanced.

3. Click Wireless——Wireless Basic SettingchangeSSID as you want, change channel as channel 11, and then click OK to save allthe settings.

4.Click on wireless security, and choose WPA-PSK as the security mode and AES as the WPA Algorithms, and set a securitykey for R1, and then click OK to save all the settings.


1.Open a web browser in PC2 which connected to R2, and in the address bar pleasetype in, and then click Enter, then you will be in the managementpage of R2.


2. Click Wireless and then choose Wireless Extender, choose WDS Bridge and click Open Scan.

3. Find andselect the SSID of R1 to add its MAC Address, choose WPA-PSK as securitymode and input R1’s security key. then click OK to save thesettings.

Note: NowR2’s SSID, security key and security mode have already changed to R1’s SSID,security key and security mode.


4.Click on Advanced, then click on LAN Settings to change the LANIP to, click OK to save the setting.


5.Go to DHCP Server to disable DHCP Server, then click OK to save thesetting.


1. Click Wirelessand Wireless Extender, choose WDS Bridge, click Open Scan, find and select theSSID of R1 to add its MAC Address, choose WPA-PSK as security mode and input R2’ssecurity key. then click OK to save the settings.


Nowall the settings are done.

Pleasecheck on PC2 which is connected to R2, if it can ping R1’s LAN IP address, itmeans the WDS has been setup successfully.

1.   Click Start ->RUN;

2.Enter cmd and click OK.

3.Enter "ping R1’s gateway IP address”. Here in this example, enter "ping192.168.0.1" and press Enter. If you see a similar screen (highlightedarea), the bridge is established successfully.

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