AP5-How to setup the Station mode

Howto setup the Station mode?

Modelnumber: AP5

Thereare five operation mode for this CPE. Station mode is also known as Clientmode. In this mode, AP will act as a WLAN card to connect with remote AP. Userscan connect PC or local LAN to the Ethernet port of the client bridge mode AP.

Part1:Connect the device

Part2: Set up the Station mode

Part3:Check whether you can accessinternet

Connectone of the port to the router which can access internet, then connect your computerwith the other LAN ports of the router by a cable.

Note:After connection the SYS light should be blinking, the WLAN light should be onor blinking.

1 A wirelessaccess point can’t provide the IP address for your computer.

You should setan IP address for your computer manually before login to the homepage ofthe AP. The default IP address of this AP is, so the IPaddress of your computer should be 192.168.0.XXX (1<=XXX<=253).

Open a browserthen type in address bar, click Enter.

Note:if you cannot login the home page, please click HERE

2Fill in user name and password as admin/admin, and choose the country. click Login to login.

1choose Quick Setup—Station, then click Next.

4open Scan and choose the uplink router’s SSID, click Next.

5Confirm the remote AP’s info and type in the security key of the remoterouter. Then click Next.

6. This page we canconfigure IP address of the AP. But we have to make sure the IP address isdifferent from remote AP’s address, but in the same network segment.

Such as if theremote router’s IP address is, we have to change this AP’s IPaddress to

7 click save, you will see the AP reboot.


The“bridge” light will be on if you configure the AP successfully.

Pleasechange the IP address to obtain automatically. Then check whether you can getinternet.

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