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Q: What is HomePlugAV?

A: The powerlinenetwork is to establish with electricity meters and has the features of no needto setup new cables, lower price, wide utilities, high-speed stability andspeed of transmission from 14M to 1000M.

Q: Cansingle one powerline adapter be used?

A: No.  Atleast two powerline adapters can be used, one is to connect the Internet, the otheris to connect PC or another network devices.

Q: Canthey work to surf the Internet when are plugged into the wall outlet?

A: No.  Theycan work to surf the Internet after pairing successfully.

Q: Is itnecessary to install software when using?

A: No, it is not.  Thissort of products is plug-and-play powerline device.  Two of them can pairautomatically in the same electricity meters without any settings.  But installingthe management software is good for managing the powerline devices.

Q: Howmany powerline adapters can be connected at most in the same electricitymeters?

A: Nine powerlineadapters.  But they can establish countless powerline networks in the sameelectricity meters.

Q: How many meters is the farthestrange of two powerline adapters with intercommunication?

A: The farthestrange of two powerline adapters is up to 300 meters, but its speed oftransmission will falling more than 100 meters.
Q;Can powerline products from different brands work with each other?

A: Yes.  Ourpowerline devices conform to the standard of HomePlug AV, so they can work withpowerline products from other brands.

Q: Is itsafe to use powerline adapters when there is thunder and lightning?

A: It is safe. Thisnetwork expander has thunder and lightning protection. So if the buildings arestruck by lightning, the PC and other devices to connect powerline adapterswill not be damaged.

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