How to login to the homepage for the Access Point (AP)

截图00.pngHow to login to the homepage for the AP?

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 The Connection Topology is as below:


The steps are as below:

1. Connect your computer to the LAN port with Ethernet cable and make sure that the power is supplied.

Note: A wireless access point can’t provide the IP address for your computer.

You should set an IP address for your computer manually before login to the homepage of the AP . The default IP address of this AP is, so the IP address of your computer should be 192.168.0.XXX (1<=XXX<=253).

                                                                      How to set an IP for my computer?

Then login to the home page of Wireless Router through typing in the address bar in web browser (IE, Firefox, etc)

2. After login successfully, the following page will appear. Please click on Advanced Settings to finish the configurations.


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