01AC15 control software for USB printer(MAC)
02AC15 Firmware V15.03.05.18_EN
03AC15 Firmware V15.03.1.17_EN
04AC15 Firmware V15.03.1.16_EN
05AC15 Firmware V15.03.1.12_EN
06AC15 Firmware V15.03.1.10_EN
07AC15 Firmware V15.03.1.8_EN
08AC15 User Guide
09AC15 HD Image
10AC15 Datasheet
11AC15 Installation Guide
12AC15 CE
01AC15-how to setup universal repeater functionFAQ
02AC15-How to setup Tenda cloudFAQ
03AC15-How to setup PPTP,L2PT clientFAQ
04AC15-How to setup PPTP serverFAQ
05AC15-How to setup DLNA functionFAQ
06AC15-How to setup parental controlFAQ
07AC15-How to setup guest networkFAQ
08AC15-How to setup bandwith controlFAQ
09AC15-How to setup WISP functionFAQ
10AC15-How to use USB printer serviceFAQ
11AC15-How to setup USB sharing functionFAQ
12AC15-How to setup Static IP modeFAQ
13AC15-How to setup Dynamic IP(DHCP) modeFAQ
14AC15-How to setup PPPoE modeFAQ
15AC15-How to setup WPS functionFAQ
16AC15-How to adjust the wireless intensityFAQ
17AC15-How to change wireless SSID and security keyFAQ
18AC15-How to setup WIFI scheduleFAQ