How to setup WISP function for FH456

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This article will guide you how to setup WISP function and the steps as below.

Part 1: Login the homepage of the router

Part 2: Enable WISP mode


The Topology is as below:

Note: The LAN IP address should be in different network segment. For example, the uplink router has the LAN IP, then the secondary router’s LAN IP must be 192.168.X.1, X=1~254


1. Login to the management page of the router. Open a browser then type in the Address bar, click on Enter.



1. Click Bridge and then choose WISP, select your uplink router’s SSID, input uplink router’s wireless security key, click OK to save all the settings.

Warm prompt: if it popup IP conflict message after click "OK", just click "OK".



3. After reboot, if connection status shows Internet Access, it means that you can have internet.

NoticeIf you have other PC need to be get connected, please connect it to the one of the LAN port or the wireless signal of the router. There is no need to configure the router again.

How to setup WISP function for FH456 

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