How to setup bandwidth control for FH456

Modelnumber: FH456

This article willguide you how to setup Tenda FH456 bandwidth control and the steps as below.

Part 1: Login the homepage of the router

Part 2: Setup bandwidth control


Q: What's the bandwidth control? How to set up?

A: Bandwidth control, the QOS setting, is used to properly limitthe limited bandwidth, it in order to meet the bandwidth requirements of theuser.

Speed control: You can define the bandwidth according to actualsituation. It’s a reasonable allocation of bandwidth resources.

1.Open a browser then type in the Address bar, click on Enter to login the setting page of the router.

说明: 192167.jpg


1. Click Bandwidth,choose corresponding speed limit rules or enter settings manually, click OK to save the settings.

How to setup bandwidth control for FH456

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