AP5-how to login homepage

 How to login the homepage of this AP?

Productline: Wireless    Model number:  AP5

This article willguide you how to login the homepage of wireless AP. Please connect PC to AP4/AP5’s LAN port with Ethernet cableto login its homepage.

Steps are asfollow.

Part 1: Connectthe devices

Part 2: Configureyour computer

Part 3: Login the AP

1 Position the wireless range extender close to a wireless router oraccess point and then plug it into a power outlet nearby.

Note: after connection the LAN light should be blinking.

1Click on Network Connection Icon on the system bar, then click on OpenNetwork and Sharing Center. (Here is for windows 7, other operating system)

说明: 无线信号.png

2 Clickon Change adapter settings.

说明: change.png

3Right clickon Local Area Connection, then choose Properties option.

说明: local.png

4Double clickon Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)

说明: IP4.png

5 Choose Use thefollowing IP address and Use the following DNS server address andthen click OK.

6 Alsoclick on OK on the first Local Connection Properties window

说明: OK.png

1 Open a browser then type re.tendacn.com in the Address bar, click Enter.

2 Type the user name and password in the bars then click onthe Login button to login the setting page.

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