How to setup universal repeater mode for FH1202

How to setupuniversal repeater mode for FH1202

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Part 1: Loginthe homepage of the router

Part 2: Setup LAN IP

Part 3: Enableuniversal repeater mode

Part 4:Verify bridge connectivity


The Topology is asbelow:


Steps are asfollowing:

1. Login to themanagement page of the router.


2. Input loginusername and password as admin, to login, then click Advanced.


1. Click Network,and then click LAN. Change your router’s LAN IP.(The LANIP address should be different. For example, the uplink router hasthe LAN IP, then you can set the secondary router’s LAN IP as192.168.0.50)


1. Click Wireless and then choose Wireless Extender, choose Universal Repeatermode. Click Open Scan.

2.Select your uplink router’s SSID, and input your uplink router’s security key. then click Save to save the settings.

3.Waituntil your PC successfully obtains an IP address.

3.ClickStart ->RUN;

4.Enter cmd and click OK.

5.Enter "ping default gateway IP address”. Here in this example, enter"ping" and press Enter. If you see a similar screen (highlightedarea), the bridge is established successfully.

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